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Merrick Garland Needs To Act Now — Time’s A-Wasting

February 12, 2022

In a spin-off of yesterday’s post and the wake-up call needed for AG Merrick Garland to get his ass in gear to prosecute the T-Rump for the shitload of crimes he committed in broad daylight…

Mark Meadows Muffs, Merrick Still Missing — Justice Not Timely At All (UPDATE — Bannon Indicted!)

November 12, 2021

*UPDATE BELOW* Democracy and the law seem worlds apart nowadays with Republicans doing just about anything they want without a peek of a pushback from any legal office — Steve Bannon is still shitting freely…

Condo Collapse And The DOJ Contests Georgia Voting Suppression Laws — One A Horrible Tragedy With Approaching Reprecussions, The Other A Glimmer OF Hope For The Future Of Democracy

June 25, 2021

So far this Friday morning there’s at least two major news stories rolling out, both have current significance as well as somewhat longer-range connotations. Oddly, too, the pair also should be of no big surprise. Shock…