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T-Rump On Tape Confessing To Holding Classified Documents — News Scoop

May 31, 2023

Beyond the debt ceiling vote coming up shortly, a T-Rump scoop hit the news airwaves this afternoon — an audio tape of the asshole talking/acknowledging he’s holding classified documents — hopefully a clinching linchpin to…

T-Rump Faces Mounting Legal Woes — ‘In Serious Trouble’

March 31, 2021

Maybe for the first time in his long, repugnant life, the T-Rump could finally be in the legal shits, between tax/business shenanigans in New York (and elsewhere), his inciting an insurrection, and pending court cases…

Truth and Accountability in T-Rump World

January 30, 2020

America in 2020 is on the precipice of history — this grand 250-plus-year-old experiment in governance is currently on unhinged footing, teetering at the edge of a deep-fall cliff, the plunge like chaos usually witnessed…