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T-Rump On Tape Confessing To Holding Classified Documents — News Scoop

May 31, 2023

Beyond the debt ceiling vote coming up shortly, a T-Rump scoop hit the news airwaves this afternoon — an audio tape of the asshole talking/acknowledging he’s holding classified documents — hopefully a clinching linchpin to…

Memorial: ‘It Feels A Shame To Be Alive—When Men So Brave—Are Dead’

May 29, 2023

Today in memory of those KIA in our country’s historically many far-flung wars, a reminder of those currently dying in the really-way asymmetrical war within America (NBC News): ‘A spate of shootings across the United…

Despite Republican Malice — ‘A Lifetime Of Promises And A World Of Dreams’

May 25, 2023

Passing the week towards the Memorial Day holiday and further upwards into Republican bullshit. They love to see others fail — more power to the party: True realistic American reality, pushed by the MAGA-Republican whiners:…